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Jo Weldon by Beau Allulli

Jo Weldon

Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque

photo of Jo "Boobs" Weldon by Beau Allulli

There are multiple class offerings listed on this page, so please keep scrolling to see them all!

Get Your Act Together!

Act Development
with Jezebel Express

Create Your Own Burlesque Routine!

Sundays 6-8 pm:
Almost sold out!
April 8 - May 6
Showcase at DROM NYC.
Act Development w/Jezebel Express (6-8pm, April 8-May 6)

Silk Veil Fan Dance Workshop
Saturday, March 17th 4-6pm 440 Studios, Studio 4D $#%
Learn the art of silk fan dancing with Jezebel Express! Silk fans are sensual and graceful, adding drama to any performance. This class will cover techniques for dancing with long silk fans... we'll start with basics like how to hold and manipulate the fans, and practice our techniques with a short dance routine. We'll also talk practical implications, like fan storage and how to remove clothing while holding fans. Class attendees are welcome to borrow fans from us or bring their own. Students who borrow fans are responsible for their care and will have to pay to replace them if they are damaged. Come flutter away your Saturday with us!
SIlk Fan Dancing Workshop with Jezebel Express

Saturday, March 31st 4-6pm 440 Studios, Studio 4D
This intermediate class is for burlesque performers who can bring a set of large (20x40 or larger) feather fans to class. Whether you're new to the world of fan dancing or an experienced showgirl whose fans are gathering dust, this class will instill in you the confidence and knowledge you need to fan dance fantastically onstage.
We'll start the class by revisiting basic fan handling techniques, from finding a comfortable grip to moving your fans around your body with grace and ease. We'll explore different types of fan movement and learn framing poses that help you use fans to showcase your performance.
We'll also address a performer's practical concerns: how to choreograph a fan dance that sparkles instead of snoozes, how to utilize fans in floorwork, and how to get your clothes off while your hands are full!
Bring your fans, and your questions!
Intermediate Feather Fan Dancing Workshop with Jezebel Express

About The Get Your Act Together Series

Go through all the steps of creating a burlesque routine with Jezebel Express!

You've got the moves, you've got the attitude... but do you have the skills it takes to create a truly spectacular act? This five-week intensive workshop will help you learn how you create while you're creating, and give you the tools and support you need to create a standout burlesque number. This class guides students through the process of developing an act from the first twinkle of an idea to a fully-staged showpiece in a supportive, constructive environment. This class culminates in a Student Showcase performance, so you'll have a chance to show off your hard work onstage!

Students will learn practical skills and invaluable lessons, including:
• how to select the best music to frame and enhance your act
• how to pace movement using choreographic principles for maximum excitement and tease
• how to make creative costuming decisions that don't break the bank
• how to build and maintain a strong character and tell a clear story
• how to perform with grace and poise, even if you're not a trained dancer
• how to anticipate performance disasters (and use them to win your audience over!)
• how to create a striking beginning and an ending with pow!

This class will involve "homework", so students should be prepared to apply each week's lessons at home and return to the following week's workshop with new material.

This class is suitable for both burlesque performers creating their first acts and those with more experience seeking continued growth and improvement.

Class Structure:

subject to necessary changes
• Week One - Act Concept & Music Choice
• Week Two - Act Structure & Costuming
• Week Three - Musicality & Choreography
• Week Four - Character Development
• Week Five - Polishing For Performance Plus • Detailing and Rehearsal
• Performance Showcase

We recommend you purchase The Burlesque Handbook to accompany this class. The book includes information about burlesque dance, history, costuming, makeup, illustrated step by step pastie-making instructions, and more. It is the first and only book on how to create burlesque routines.
Click here to purchase or download from!

You may also purchase a copy from our stockists at the amazing Bluestockings Radical Bookstore, (212) 777-6028, located at 172 Allen Street 10002,
from Enz's at 125 2nd Ave. NY
or from Exit 9 Gift Emporium located at 64 Ave A 10009 (212)228-0145
For a 10% discount on an in-store purchase, tell them you are a New York School of Burlesque Student.

Call your favorite bookstore in advance to make sure it's in stock.

About Jezebel Express

Miss Jezebel Express holds a BA in Dance Choreography, and has been performing and teaching burlesque for the better part of a decade. In addition to having competed for the title of Miss Exotic World, she has performed at festivals all over North America, including Tease-O-Rama, The New York Burlesque Festival, and The Toronto Burlesque Festival. She has been awarded grants for her artistic work by the US Fulbright Association, The State of Iowa and The Newfoundland Arts Council, but she thinks her best work is evident in the smiles and shimmies of the genius students at the New York School of Burlesque.

Jezebel Express performs a fan dance

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