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by Jo Weldon
Headmistress, New York School of Burlesque

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The Essential Backstage Guide... understanding and performing both classic and neo-burlesque. Written by Jo “Boobs” Weldon, award-winning founder of the New York School of Burlesque, this guidebook provides step-by-step instructions on basic moves, provides worksheets for costuming and music selection, and gives backstage insight from one of the most established and respected stars of the burlesque scene. Also here are insider tips from dozens of performers whose combined careers span six decades and an illustrated section on how to make and twirl tasseled pasties!

Recommended by Dita Von Teese on Twitter: "Insightful how-to book on #burlesque~ About the neo-burlesque scene, tips & even clip art to make your own pasties! Nice!"

"I love Jo because not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she is incredibly smart. She is a burlesque performer, teacher, historian, and photographer. She shows us our present while preserving our past." -Margaret Cho

It's the first book ever published on how to put together a burlesque routine!

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The book features easy-to-follow suggestions and exercises for developing stage-worthy confidence, presence, and sexiness. You’ll learn about the fabulous makeup, costumes, pasties, moves, grooves, and attitudes of burlesque. The Burlesque Handbook is the must-have guide for everyone interested in this vibrant and wildly popular performance art, providing inspiration and practical information that readers can take straight from the page to the stage!

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"Jo has been a fantastic entertainer at Exotic World and a great inspiration to everyone at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. It's an honor to have her working with us and a thrill to have her on our stage!" -Dixie Evans, Founder of the Burlesque Hall of Fame

"Jo is a generous teacher whose enthusiasm and dedication to the art form shine through her every word and movement. She's also a burlesque force of nature, a performer who unapologetically embodies the classic tease alongside the edgiest neo-burlesque without a hint of contradiction." -Michelle Baldwin, Author of Burlesque and the New Bump N Grind