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Jo Weldon by Beau Allulli

Jo Weldon

Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque

photo of Jo "Boobs" Weldon by Beau Allulli

Flirting With Burlesque

with Darlinda Just Darlinda,
Edie Nightcrawler, & Jezebel Express

About This ClassAbout Your Teachers
Dress Code

Every Thursday
440 Lafayette St., NYC
Studio 4A *Please come straight to the studio; there is no receptionist.*

You can take this class just for fun, or you can take it to learn a group routine to perform in our next open student showcase!

Preregistration is required for all NYSB classes. By paying to register you agree to comply with our payment, refund, and class transfer policies. By registering you affirm that you understand that you should consult a doctor before beginning any movement or exercise program, and that you will not hold the teachers, institution, or venue responsible for any injuries that may result. Questions? Email schoolofburlesqueatgmaildotcom.

We will be operating a limited schedule through the holiday season. If you are just getting started in burlesque, we recommend the Essential Burlesque Intensive in December. Details and Registration

January with Edie NightCrawler!

Class dates

Registration for January coming soon!

About Flirting with Burlesque

Beginners Welcome! This class has a focus on women's experience in their bodies, but all genders are welcome if they intend to participate fully and with respect for each other. No observers.

Learn sexy burlesque moves including bumps, grinds, shimmies, and chair dancing, along with hip, shoulder, and other body isolations that will tone your torso. You'll find and firm muscles you may not have known you had and you'll have fun, too! Content of classes will vary. PLUS, learn a routine you can perform in our Student Showcase, or take the class just for fun!

Your level of commitment is entirely up to you. You take the class one time for a taste of burlesque, or you can take it multiple times during the month to memorize the routine and have the opportunity to be invited to perform in a group number at one of our student showcases! Each calendar month will feature a different routine.

Students Gush about FwB!

"Flirting with Burlesque is a nifty, 60-minute intro to a world of bumps, grinds, shimmies and shakes. I can't say enough good things about the class; my instructor was a positive and funny, the moves were fun, sexy and empowering and I left that evening with a nice little boost to my self-confidence—the kind that only tackling a new challenge can bring. I'll be back to burlesque soon—and next time, I plan to bring an army of my best girlfriends with me."
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Dress Code

Wear whatever you like to wear to dance class. You can come in ballet gear, yoga gear, or corsets and high heels--whatever you like, as long as you're prepared to move!

• Wear close-fitting clothes that you can move in, as you would to take a dance or yoga class.
• If you like, bring heels as well as workout shoes!

This is not a series! You may take classes as often and whenever you would like to. However, class size is limited in order to ensure the quality of the class, so you must register in advance–NO DROP-INS. We limit the size of classes to ensure the quality of class experience. Advance registration is REQUIRED.

You will receive an email statement from paypal once your payment goes through. This email is your ticket. Please print and bring it to class as your ticket to give to the instructor.

About Our Instructors

Edie Nightcrawler

Edie Nightcrawler is a performance artist and choreographer who has had the honor of appearing on stages and in nightclubs as far-flung as Vienna, Las Vegas, The Whitney Museum and the Lower East Side. Inspired by Benny Hill, classical dance training, self taught voguers, and drag, Edie is thrilled to share her love of dance with students at NYSB. We will break down and de-mystify some fun and sexy dance moves, while conditioning our brains and bodies a bit, and practicing some theatrical make-believe.

Jezebel Express

Jezebel Express with Fans
Jezebel Express by Don Spiro.

"My focus is on burlesque moves that make you look great (no matter what size or shape you are!) You don't need years of dance training to look super sexy... you just need to know how to work what you've got. I teach easy-to-remember steps and tricks that will give you extra va-voom onstage or in the bedroom. The class will end with a short dance routine suitable for beginners, so wear clothes to move in. This class can be taken barefoot, in high heels, or in sneakers."

Darlinda Just Darlinda

Get to know Darlinda at

"My focus is on giving students a mini foundation of performance tools relating to burlesque. Here is what they will learn; eye contact, finding your light on stage, posture as a dancer, walking in high heels and strengthening your feet and core to support walking in high heels, character creation, floor work and body isolation's in preparation for tassel twirling, bumping and grinding. There is 20 minutes of burlesque related warm up, so bring something you can move in, preferably stretch pants/tights or something form fitting so you can see your posture, feet and curves! You will sweat a little bit! Having graduated with a focus in theater direction and 5 years as a burlesque performer/producer I have the tools to give students practical stage technique and confidence to further their burlesque education."

The calendar below is constantly being updated.