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Jo Weldon by Beau Allulli

Jo Weldon

Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque

photo of Jo "Boobs" Weldon by Beau Allulli

December 2018 Burlesque Intensives

Click here for the January Act Development Series!

$85 each, $150 for both (limited number of this combination option available, purchase before November 30 for this discount).

For showgirls, burlesquers, and other performing artists!

Level: Beginners and Intermediates Seeking Refreshers!
440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St, Fourth Floor.

Come directly to the studio for the class.
Do not drop in--preregistration is required. Class size is limited.

Register below. By registering, you agree to abide by our payment policies.

December 2018 Intensive

It's time for our annual December intensive! It's perfect for beginners or new-intermediate performers looking for a refresher. This two day intensive is divided into one day focusing on movement and one day focusing on performance. To preregister, email You can register for one or both, but it is highly recommended you take the movement intensive if you are taking the performance intensive, unless you have already taken the Essential Burlesque Series.

Read carefully to be sure you bring everything you need to class. Bring The Burlesque Handbook with you to class in hard copy or ebook. You can get The Burlesque Handbook from many bookstores or from your favorite online book or other retailers.

Bring light snacks (not sandwiches or hot meals) to class to eat during the break. There are snack machines on the third floor of the studio.

Intensive 1 of 2: Act Development
Act Development Essentials - Saturday Dec 8, 1-7 pm. 440 Lafayette, Fourth Floor, Studio 4D.

Learn all about becoming a burlesque showgirl!
If you're considering learning burlesque to perform, get your crash course here!
For all genders.
The Act Development Essentials Intensive includes:
Burlesque History and Neo-Burlesque History
Creating Your Burlesque Stage Name
Choosing Music for Burlesque
Finding Your Persona
Basic Costuming Tips and Tricks
Stage Makeup Tips and Tricks, including false eyelashes and glitter lips
Striptease Expertise
Choreography Tips for Burlesque
Finishing Touches
Etiquette, Career Advice, and How to Get Booked
Updated Reference Handouts.
All props needed for the class are included except below:
Bring a copy of The Burlesque Handbook and a notebook and pen.
Bring a large bath or beach towel.
This is not a dance class but there will be movement. Wear clothing you would wear to a dance or workout class and bring a pair of shoes or heels in which you would like to dance (NOT high platforms or shoes that are difficult).

Intensive 2 of 2: Classic Burlesque Movement Essentials - Sunday Dec 9, 1-7 pm. 440 Lafayette, Fourth Floor, Studio 4C
For women only (we honor your gender identity).
This intensive begins with isolations and a chair warmup with stocking peel (BRING YOUR OWN STOCKINGS AS WE WILL NOT HAVE STOCKINGS AVAILABLE TO LEND YOU), followed by Fan Dancing with both small and large feather fans. We will have fans to borrow and you may also bring your own.
Then you'll master the moves that make burlesque irresistible!
We will provide boas and gloves to borrow in class but you may also bring your own.
Bump, Grind, and Shimmy
Boa Moves
Glove Peeling
Conversational Moves
Tassel Twirling
We will provide pasties to borrow but if you have your own definitely bring them.
Bring a pair of stockings (can be thigh highs or a garter belt and stockings; pantyhose or socks will not work; fishnets and textured stockings not recommended; we WILL NOT be lending stockings for the class so you MUST bring your own), a pair of shorts or dance trunks or bloomers, a leotard or close fitting t-shirt, leggings or yoga or dance pants, a pair of low-medium heels in which you can move, and a bottle of water. If you wear a leotard with leggings or dance pants over it, you will be able to just slip off the leggings for the stocking peel portion of the class. The chair dance is the only portion for which you will want bare legs. At the very end we will do tassel-twirling, for which you will have several options, so you may want to bring a back-hooking bra for that. Tassels stay best on bare skin, so keep that in mind if you are particularly interested in tassel-twirling.

You do not need to be planning to perform to take these classes, although performance opportunities are made available in our regular showcases. Our next student showcase date will be in January and you may reserve your own solo performance slot in it if you feel ready after taking classes at NYSB! Our burlesque classes are designed to build skills but also to be fun, to build confidence, and to foster friendships. The weekend intensive is not a substitute for taking an act development series but an additional option to find and develop tools for moving and performing. If you want to learn about the elements of these classes, you shouldn't miss it! If you want these plus individual attention to an act you plan to do within six weeks, an act development class series is best. However, you can benefit from taking both, as it is the only way to get repetition.