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Burlesque Costuming Classes!

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We will be running an all-day costuming workshop featuring the following techniques:
How to Make a Feather Headdress
How to Make a Basic Shimmy Costume
How to Purchase and Apply Rhinestones
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burlesque, hazel honeysuckle
Above: Instructor Hazel Honeysuckle.

a href="" title="Beelzebabe by Jo Weldon, on Flickr">Beelzebabe
Above: Instructor Beelzebabe in her finery.

With The Rhinestones Follies' Kita St Cyr and Hazel Honeysuckle!
May 14, 2-4 pm $25
Do you dream of having costumes and props covered in rhinestones? Learn insider tips to take your costumes to the next sparkly level! In this class we will talk about stone types, sizes, colors, and where to buy them, as well as letting you in on the benefits and drawbacks of each type. Students will learn the best options and techniques for affixing rhinestones on various materials. Find out how to best care for and clean your rhinestone encrusted pieces. We will share tips and tricks on how and where to use rhinestones on a costume to most effectively sparkle and shine!
Students may bring items they wish to rhinestone and get personalized advice.

April 23: Headdress Construction! 4-5.30 pm
440 Studios, NYC
Cost ($25 includes a raffle ticket)the lucky winner gets the headdress the instructor creates in class!!

Beelzebabe has been creating show stopping showgirl headdresses for over a decade. In this lecture/demo she will demonstrate step by step the basics to make a simple standup feather headdress.

Students will also receive an instruction booklet which includes a supply list, resources, and step by step instructions so that they can go home and make their own fabulous head wear.

Beelzebabe will also discuss creating larger and more complex headdresses and provide tips and construction basics.

Class discussion will include sturdiness/balancing weight/practical issues/storage and maintenance and what has (and hasn't) worked in her 10 years of making stuff stay on her head !

Q and A and trouble shooting at the end of class.

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