June 6, 2009, Las Vegas

Learn Burlesque from the Ladies Who Made It Classic!

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At The Orleans Hotel, Second Floor.
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11 AM
Dancing and Stripping with Panel Skirts with Toni Elling!
Panel skirts, brought to the burlesque stage by 1940s legend Sherry Britton, are gaining new appreciation in the neo-burlesque movement for their ability to convey both grace and fire. Learn how to manipulate them with beauty and passion from a mistress of the form!
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Big Fannie Annie
Costuming Classes with Big Annie Fannie

She has made costumes for:
Satanís Angel
Liberty Tornado West
Anita Mann
Debbie Downs
Little Miss Conrad
Delilah Dante
Georgia Dante

Fannie had a shop in Miami called Costumes Unlimited
Learned from circus and carnival industry.
30 years of construction experience making sturdy, long-lasting glamorous garments.


Class 1:
Fundamentals of classic burlesque costume construction
Secrets of construction, preservation, and repair of classic burlesque costumery.
Bring a notebook and a pen.

Class 2:
Fabulous feathers
Working with feathers, fans, boas: dying, curling, stringing, maintaining and cleaning feathers.
Bring a notebook and a pen.

1 pm Basics of Classic Burlesque Costuming

2 PM Feather Care, Costuming, and Repair

Above image by Dennis Cardiff, available for purchase. Used with permission.
10 AM
Bump N Grind with Dee Milo!
Only Two Slots Remain.
The Bump N Grind is one of the defining movements of burlesque dance. Learn these hot moves from a legend of burlesque who was a star performer in the 1950s and still performs at the Burlesque Hall of Fame!
Read an interview with Dee!

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