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Striptease Expertise

Tuesdays at 7 pm, beginning August 18.

A ten-week, 20-segment workshop series that incorporates concepts, with exercises.
The first part of each segment is a lecture, which will be recorded for reference.
The second part will be non-recorded QNA, interaction, and practice.

This class explores sensual theatricality through striptease, discovering your organic knowledge of bodily presentation. It will work for you whether you are an actor who needs to develop sensuality for a role, a burlesque performer who wants to do sexy routines, a singer who wants to add erotic mischief to a performance, or a non-performer who wants to feel more confident sexually. Each student will take away a unique value.

If you purchase the entire series after August 18 you will be able to request recordings of all the recorded classes in this series that preceeded the date of your purchase, so you will have the full set. To view the recording of an individual class, purchase that class and note "recording" in the message/note section of your checkout process.

Purchase the series:

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Striptease Expertise 2020
Striptease Expertise Series 2020

You will receive a zoom link the day of the class. Please keep track of your schedule and let us know if you have not received the invitation.

Develope Your Genius For Tease And Seduction!
This workshop series is about developing a striptease that incorporates both organic and choreographed seduction.
Striptease is about making the everyday act of removing clothing into a theatrical event. There has always been nudity onstage, but not until burlesque striptease was there a performing art specifically centered on clothing removal. The women who originally captured the public's imagination by stripping onstage were not necessarily trained dancers or actors, but were often improvising, basing the success of their movements and performance decisions not on an aesthetic or on what looked good in the mirror in a dance studio, but solely on audience response.
Stripteasers who use choreography often rely more on the Choreography of Events than dance choreography. Dropping a glove, for instance, is not a dance move, but an experienced stripteaser knows that if that glove hits the floor on the beat (or the drummer hits the beat for the drop, if live music is employed), the audience gets a bigger thrill. It is worth choreographing so that the glove hits the floor at the optimal point in the music, every time at the same time the performer does the number. So while there may be improvisation between Events, there are choreographed events.
The goal of many contemporary burlesque performances is to engage the audience with a combination of glamour and mischief, and sometimes story-telling or commentary, usually with some reference to the movements of professional stripteasers from the mid-twentieth century. Striptease is the most unique element of these performances. An inventive and knowing garment removal keeps them from texting during your performance. Understanding what makes a striptease compelling is an essential component of making your performance memorable.

The classes build on each other, but can be taken individually.

Each 60-minute class includes time to feel yourself and explore your own striptease genius and sensual self-connection.

What we'll cover:

August 18:
Location You Fit And Music You Love
+ Know Those Clothes
Learn how and why we choose our music, clothes, and environment for a striptease!

August 25:
Your Natural Confidence: Believe What You Know
Conversation As Movement

September 1:
Connection, Contact, and Eye-Fucking
Holding Space: Breathing And Stillness

September 8:
Sweet Spots: Identifying And Inventing
Costume As Choreography

September 15:
Showing Them
The Camera And The Eye

September 22:
Savor Being Savored
Feel Yourself

September 29:
Sleight Of Hand
Moving In All Dimensions

October 6:
Fascinating Fasteners
A Referring Glance

October 13:
Meaning In Materials
Stay In Play

October 20:
Revel In The Reveal
Hold for Applause!

October 27:
Online Showcase!
Show us your strip!
All students who have taken at least 5 of the series workshops will gather together and those who wish to will do a full strip routine for all!
Above all, entertain yourself and have fun. A performer who is having fun gives the audience confidence in his/her performance, and there is nothing more irresistible than someone who is enjoying herself!
Copyright Jo Weldon

Classes will be recorded for those who cannot make the times. Students must request the recordings after the class with the words "recording request" in the subject line of their email. When classes have onscreen gallery time it will be omitted from the recording, so some recordings will be shorter than live class time. However, you will get to hear what the assignment is so you can try out the techniques students tried during the live session. Students who do not wish to participate in the interaction are not required to do so. However, all participants may be required to show themselves after the recording ends and before the interaction begins, to verify sincerety. This class is not open to observers who wish to nonconsensually or anonymously ogle, to but it is open to observers who are exploring their own femininity and the power of tease, of whatever gender.

The calendar below is in the process of being updated.